Sparking Creativity

I read a hint on one of the writer’s groups to use Pinterest to generate ideas. Basically as you browse the images some of them will spark ideas. Maybe you’re trying to figure out what a character or setting looks like. Maybe you come across an image that you KNOW there is a story behind. You could be the one to write that story!

Following this advice I’ve been creating collections of these images on Pinterest so I can come back to them later. Remember when you create a board you can make it Secret (meaning no one else can see it). Most of my pins are in Secret boards.

I’m also exploring how this can be used to make contact with readers. I’ve opened up a public board for my story Crow’s Gambit. Since the book isn’t published yet I’ve posted some select images that will help give a feel for the story and explain some of my inspirations. Have a look and let me know what you think.

Go to the Crow’s Gambit board