Top 25 in the Launchpad Manuscript Competition

The results are in. While my book Fortunes of the Space Sloth did not make the Top 10 it did finish in the Top 25 of the Launchpad Manuscript Competition – which is still pretty cool. I’ve also gotten my feedback notes back on the story. Overall they had several positive things to say about the story. What they took issue with was it seemed (to them) too much like Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. And while that story still does well as a book its movie adaptation didn’t do that great – i.e. Space Sloth probably isn’t that valuable as a potential script.

Ok, while the similarities to Hitchhiker never occurred to me I can see some a tiny bit of their point. The thing is the stories aren’t the same. Of course, I was only able to provide the first 50 pages cleaned up and edited, soooo…it was probably hard to tell. Lesson learned.