Top 75 in the Launch Pad Manuscript Competition

Almost a year and a half ago I found out about Inkshares. They’re a book publisher but with a twist. The books that receive publishing deals are determined by readers making Pre-Orders. If enough people are interested in a book they take it on. However, they also run contests. In the contests they partner with another media entity and entries are focused on a theme, like Space Opera. I decided to enter a novel based on what started as a short story and quickly blossomed into a full scope story and world. I called it Fortunes of the Space Sloth. Turns out that probably wasn’t the best title; there’s a lot out there on the web about sloths in space (i.e. sloths in astronaut suits)…but what are you going to do.

The story did not win the contest or get enough Pre-Orders to be published. However, I really enjoyed the characters and world and kept working on it. When the Launch Pad Manuscript Competition opened I entered Fortunes of the Space Sloth; honestly it was to get the judge’s written feedback on the story so I could improve it.

Things haven’t exactly gone as planned. Fortunes of the Space Sloth was named as one of the Top 75 in the contest! That not only means it is in contention to win a prize but people are taking a close look at it…and asking for more information. Is there a story bible for it? How would you pitch it? Do you have biography? I’ll be honest, the biography was tough.

So a new adventure has begun. I’ll keep you updated.