Campfire Retreat 2017

So this weekend my training plan got changed slightly. Instead of doing a long run on Saturday I found myself at the Campfire Retreat (@campfireretreat). This is a several day gathering of artists, dancers, and performers. My wife and daughter were actually the ones who wanted to go so they could take several aerial classes. I went along and tried to entertain myself while they were busy. I did a couple yoga classes, went to a few workshops on flow techniques, and watched some people learn to breathe fire. Here is what I learned.

  1. I’ve forgotten how to juggle.
  2. I think I’d enjoy learning more staff routines, but I don’t think I’ll be setting them on fire any time soon.
  3. Juggling poi balls looks fun, however, refer back to item #1.
  4. I have a hard time getting the directions right to do rope dart knots.
  5. Juggling and staff work so TOTALLY counts as cross training.
  6. If it works with our schedule I’ll be going back next year.